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5 minutes with Francesca Banjo

  • 11th Jul 2019
  • 5 Min Read
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We did a little happy dance ourselves when we heard that Francesca Banjo, professional dancer, talent manager, wife of Ashley & Mummy to beautiful Rose (and Melvin the great dane of course!) was a fan of our bubbly goodness. Francesca has kindly shared her love of our 100% Organic Coconut Oil and new

natural baby products

to her 56k strong (and growing)Instagram following and we just had to find out what she likes about us. We grabbed 5 minutes with Frankie and asked her a few questions about bath times in the Banjo household:

Where did you first hear about Good Bubble?

I first found Good Bubble products after sending my husband to Boots to get organic coconut oil for Rose, when I saw the pot I remembered the brand from Dragons Den.

What is important to you when choosing skincare products for Rose?

What is most important to me when choosing skincare products for Rose is naturally derived ingredients, no nasties, allergen free and gentle on her skin. Probably a list that most mums would agree with. However these factors were especially important as Rose’s Daddy has sensitive and eczema prone skin, and when she was newborn I couldn’t be sure how her delicate skin would react.

How do you use your coconut oil?

The coconut oil is my answer to everything! It’s a bit of a joke with me and my husband! I initially used it when Rose developed very dry skin on her feet and ankles at only a week old when adjusting to life outside of the womb! I didn’t want to put ANY chemicals on her so rubbed some on twice a day. I also used it on her scalp after a bath to help loosen the cradle cap flakes...I use it for baby massage and after every bath on her whole body and a little bit on her head/hair when still wet!

Do you have a bath time routine for Rose? And what is it?

I have never really thought about our bath time routine but yes we do have one! Controversially we normally do Rose’s bath in the morning rather than at night so afterwards she has a good long nap! Rose loves the bath, we always play with the bath toys first then move on to business and use the Baby hair and body wash with cucumber and aloe all over, especially around the neck and in the adorable baby rolls, then do the hair last. A final squirt of the toys and we are out! Dry off and douse in coconut oil!! One clean baby! (for now!)

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Written by Amy Wordsworth

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