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Introducing our newest lovely stockist A LITTLE FIND

  • 27th Sep 2018
  • 5 Min Read
A Little Find Banner

Where you can now pick up our mini bubbly goodies.

We were over the moon to be approached by Caroline from enquiring about our bubbles and asking whether she could stock our 100ml sizes on her site.

 A LITTLE FIND handpicks the best travel-friendly beauty, wellness and lifestyle products from fabulous brands. For the whole family. For life on the go.

 Founder Caroline is committed to talent spotting new and ‘different’ products and works to include passionate, entrepreneurial brands on her site. So, you can see why we were more than a little chuffed to be asked to be a part of her mission. We had a chat with Caroline to find out more.

What was it that inspired you to you set up  A LITTLE FIND ?

You know when you have various business ideas spinning around in your head over a long time and then there is this moment of enlightenment and you know what the answer is? I had this moment of enlightenment when all the different pieces of a jigsaw come together and the answer for me was   A LITTLE FIND .

A platform where I bring together innovative, creative, quality products from entrepreneurial brands.  A LITTLE FIND  is different because we cater for all ages and all products are travel friendly. Meaning they are ideal for on the go, wherever the journey. School run, walk in the park, commuting to work or going on holidays.

When taking little ones away (apart from our bubbly goodness of course) what other nifty travel items can you not be without?

 Packing is normally done pretty quickly and efficiently. Though I am always tempted to pack too much, I really try to keep it simple and light.

I could talk travel products for days but will try to keep it short. Apart from the obvious like dental and body care, the below products are the essentials that our family does not leave home without:

 Therapy Roques O’Neil’s Inner Light Calm Balm is one of the products that I always pack. The smell of this aromatherapeutic potion is divine. I always keep a pot handy in case someone gets a runny nose or needs a pick-me-up. Apply the balm to points of tension (wrists, chest, back, and sides of your neck) and let it work its magic.

A Little T-Rex Dinosaur Light for my little boy. This portable light is great for little ones. We use them at home but equally they always travel with us. It turns itself off after a few minutes — perfect for middle of the night uses.

 My girls hair is somehow always a bit messy so the invisibobble hair ties come in very handy.

 Brush on Block’s SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen: I swear by it. It’s a dry powder, that sweeps on with a brush. I apply it on the whole family when we are out and about as a top up. SPF is so important — particularly for children.

Dr Lipp Balm. The original is colour free and can be used by everyone.

What’s important at bath time in your household?

 Bath time is fun time — but it is also the perfect time to catch up on what happened during the school day, laugh, and relax. No phones, no books, no distractions. We use gentle, nice smelling products (like Good Bubble) to create an atmosphere of calm. Our three kids love their baths so much that it’s sometimes tricky to convince them to get out.

Do you have any skin care tips for busy Mums?

 Quality over quantity. Keep your skincare routine simple. Cleanse, Moisturise, Protect. Make sure you take the time to clean your face properly. Your cleanser is key to establishing a radiant canvas, free of make up residue and environmental pollution. And there are good ones available for every budget. Invest in a good, quality cream/oil that suits your skin type and is for your age. Stay off any chemicals and buy from brands who use natural ingredients but combine this with science. There are some amazingly innovative, independent UK brands with fabulous products on the market.

 Make sure you always apply an SPF. Choose either a moisturiser with an SPF or apply it separately. Mineral sunscreens like Brush on Block are fabulous and can be applied over make up through out the day as a top up.

 Self-care is a thing. As a busy mum, it’s easy to forget to look after yourself. Never underestimate the power of that little, special product that makes you smile when you see it in your handbag. For some it might be a nurturing lip balm, for others it’s a lovely smelling hand cream. Whatever it is, give yourself permission for a little luxury for on the go.

Here at Good Bubble we’re really excited to be going live on the site from this September. Head over to the site and explore all of the travel-friendly, fabulous treasures. Perfect for a trip away or for trying something new.

Written by Amy Wordsworth

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