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Our Little Softy Moisturiser strikes again for little Oliver’s eczema.

  • 21st Aug 2018
  • 5 Min Read
Oliver Gruff Little Softy

Here at Good Bubble we are always thrilled to hear that our products are helping little ones with sensitive skin. Following our recent article in the Daily Mail, Michelle Upex got in touch to say that she & her son Oliver had given our Gruffalo Little Softy Moisturiser (from our baby moisturiser collection) a try, have a read of what she got in touch to say:

"My youngest son, Oliver, is nearly three and has suffered with eczema since he was three months old. Having tried and tested countless creams, ointments and steroids I admit I am definitely sceptical when reading articles regarding eczema “wonder creams” – I know what works for one may not for others. I first learnt of your range from one such article but I am definitely not disappointed and I am now recommending to others!

Whilst Oliver’s skin has improved over the last couple of years and we have learnt to largely manage the condition with a very strict skincare routine, The Gruffalo range moisturiser is the first cream I feel has actually improved the texture of his skin. Not only did it reduce the redness of the eczema patches within days, his skin now feels so soft it is amazing. We have also been able to reduce the use of the steroid creams, which is fantastic.

I know it won’t be a complete cure but it is lovely to have found a range that doesn’t irritate and is reasonably priced. It has made our skincare routine so much easier, Oliver is now keen to assist with his Gruffalo cream - we are just working on quantity and refining his application process!!”

We love how Michelle and Oliver found us through the recent Daily Mail article and our Gruffalo Little Softy Moisturiser started to help Oliver pretty much straight away. Spreading the goodness of Good Bubble really could help more children with sensitive and eczema prone skin.

Stories like this one help to spread our message further and we’d love to hear from you if any of our products have helped you or a loved one? Email us with your story to so we can feature you too.

If you are planning on using our products for the first time, please always remember to do a patch test, find out how here

Written by Amy Wordsworth

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