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Winter Skincare for Children

  • 18th Dec 2019
  • 5 Min Read
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As the seasons change, so do our skincare needs and this is also true for children. Sore, chapped skin can often be a problem in the cold months but there are steps you can take to make sure young skin is protected from the elements. Read below to discover some useful autumn/winter skincare tips for your children.

Give compromised skin TLC - If your child has severe eczema, then it’s recommended to treat their skin with some extra care. However, do be mindful. Using over-the-counter moisturisers may seem like the best choice but they can actually cause more harm than good on compromised skin, and so you need to be cautious. It is worth talking to your GP or pharmacists for barrier-repair products. This is because OTC products can sometimes aggravate broken skin, causing further irritation.

Don’t forget sunscreen - Just because it does not feel hot does not mean that the sun's not shining. UV rays are present even when the sun is shining. They pass through the clouds, reflecting off the show. This is why it is a good idea to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 whenever you head outside with your children, no matter how bad the weather is.

Moisturise well – It’s really important to moisturise well at this time of year. Once your child has been bathed, use a towel to pat them dry, and then apply a moisturising cream or lotion within the first three minutes of them getting out of the water. This is advisable because it helps the skin to retain some of the water, preventing it from drying out, which is common at this time of year. Look for ingredients like glycerin and shea butter (butyrospermum parkii), as they help attract water to the skin.

Do not over-bathe - It is also important to make sure you do not bathe too frequently at this time of year. This is important to make sure that your child’s skin does not dry out and builds a layer of healthy bacteria. Over-bathing can disrupt the skin microbiome, letting allergens in. It is advisable that you do not bathe your baby more than three times per week for the first year. For older children, it is important to note that the protective natural skin oils can be removed when kids take long, hot showers. Therefore, make sure showers and baths are warm, not hot, and that you do not overbathe your children

Look for products that are mindful about fragrance - Last but not least, it is advisable to look for products that either use mild fragrances or are labelled fragrance-free. This is especially the case when it comes to moisturisers and laundry detergent. You should also try to avoid harsh preservative ingredients as well. This includes methylisothiazolinone and phenoxyethanol as they can cause irritation and trigger skin allergies.
Written by Amy Wordsworth

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