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5 minutes with the lovely Gemma from Muthahood Goods

  • 27th Mar 2018
  • 5 Min Read
Mutha Hood Insta

GB joins the 'Strong Girls Club'

Gemma from @mutha.hood is well known for being founder of the iconic Strong Girls Club as well as inspiring us here at GB, via her amazing Instagram stories to keep ‘Mother Like A Boss’. So when Gemma was after some bath time products for her girls that were as kind as possible to their young skin, we were keen for her to give our bubbly goodies a go. Here’s what her and the girls thought about our new Gruffalo range….

Tell us what is important to you when choosing bath products for your children?

Both of my children had very sensitive skin as babies. I learnt very early on how not all bath products are created equal. After some nasty reactions we soon realised that products that are truly kind to the skin and free of nasties are hugely important.

Tell us what is important to your children at bath time? How do you keep them entertained?

I have two girls and they really are the best of friends. Now that my eldest is at school they get very limited time to simply play together. The shared bath at the end of the day is the perfect way for them to get some ear marked sister splashing fun time.

They're both huge water babies. We bought a fair amount of fancy toys for them in the beginning but at the end of the day the best toys are each other and empty Good Bubble bottles. When they've been especially good that day they might also get the whisk!

Do your girls suffer with sensitive skin or eczema?

My eldest used to have awful eczema and my youngest had a very bad milk allergy which left her skin covered in hives. Since we've focused using only kind products both of the their skins have been given the appropriate time to heal and we've not struggled in recent times.

Has the mild formulation of Good Bubble helped with bath time enjoyment in your house?

We're big fans of the Gruffalo so as soon as they saw that on the packaging they ran for the bath. We struggle washing Little Red's hair. She screams uncontrollably if any suds get in her eyes. Since using Good Bubble we really don't have the same reaction. It's lovely to end bath time on a high rather than an emergency rescue grab.

How do you find the new Prickly Pear scent of the Gruffalo collection?

The girls love it. It's refreshing and comforting at the same, and not at all over powering. To be honest I like it so much that I've started nabbing it for my morning shower.

Would you recommend Good Bubble to other parents?


Take a look at Gemma’s Instagram account @mutha.hood and visit her website for her amazing range of apparel specifically designed to help women feel good about themselves. Image of Gemma and Lena from @leoniefreemanphoto

Explore the new Good Bubble Gruffalo range with Prickly Pear extract here.
Written by Amy Wordsworth

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