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Everyone is going coconuts over coconut oil!

  • 4th Sep 2018
  • 7 Min Read

You may have seen recent claims in the press that skin-loving coconut oil is in fact ‘pure poison’. German professor Karin Michels delivered a lecture in July at the University of Freiburg, announcing that it is full of saturated fat and there are absolutely no health benefits to one of our favourite superfruit ingredients.

This bold claim, of course, took the internet by storm due to popular perceptions of the sweet-smelling oil as a health food. After swotting up on the facts, filtering through the ‘fake news’ and reading what other professionals think about cooking with our favourite plant-based oil, we have made our conclusion *drumroll please*. As with any fat-based ingredient, we should always maintain a healthy balance and use in moderation. So nothing universe-altering there. What the Good Bubble team were really interested in however, was if this new research had any impact on coconut oil as a skincare product. And the good news is, it doesn’t.

The American Heart Association has said that coconut is in fact better on your skin than in your food, which is great news for us natural skincare lovers!

Its natural moisturising and antibacterial qualities mean that coconut oil is just perfect for a whole range of personal care uses and we wouldn’t be without it for our baby’s and our own personal care routines.

Studies have shown virgin coconut oil to be a superior treatment over other oils in treating moderate cases of dermatitis. The wound-healing effect coconut oil has on the skin (i.e. it’s ability to help and speed up the skin’s natural healing process), and the moisturising properties make this oil an important ingredient in skincare (Journal for Drugs and Medicine, 2015).

Here at Good Bubble we are proud that our Coconut Oil for babies is 100% virgin and organic; one of the highest and purest qualities available, with absolutely nothing added! So just perfect for use on little one’s skin. We are also proud to use coconut oil in our Prickly Pear Little Softy Moisturiser and Fragrance Free Little Soft Moisturisers, which have both had fantastic results on the skin of little ones with eczema prone skin.

Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E and just perfect for numerous uses including all over moisturiser (perfect for baby massage), sore bottoms, flaky scalps, conditioning hair treatment, cleanser and aftersun. It’s even loved by celeb mummy Sam Faiers!

We would love to hear from you if you have another way that you use your Good Bubble 100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil or any stories about how our coconut oil has helped yours or you little one’s skin. Send us an email to so we can help spread the bubbly goodness!

Written by Amy Wordsworth

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