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Feeling the Bubbly Love!

  • 10th May 2019
  • 4 Min Read

We’re feeling super proud recently due to some fantastic product reviews - it’s so great when we hear such positive feedback from parents! Keep on reading to find out what a few mums think of our bubbles...

Cecile @thefrenchiemummy

Our Prickly Pear Bubble Bath has been included in Cecile’s favourite baby skincare products for the summer. We’re chuffed to have the thumbs up from her and her little boy. See her full post here.

Rebecca @thecoastalmummy

When it comes to bath time and the products she uses on her children, Rebecca has a clear checklist:

1) They don’t irritate the girls’ skin. This one is a big must for us as parents, we want to ensure that the products we are using are suitable for our children’s skin and hair.

2) That there are no unnecessary added ingredients. No yuckies and nothing that doesn’t need to be there which again could cause unwanted irritation.

3) Price. With 2 daughters and another baby on the way, we want to make sure that we get the best for our budget so ensuring that we are spending money on quality products that actually work.

4) That the kids actually like it. Bath time is meant to be an enjoyable experience, so we want to make sure that the girls like the products that we are using on them. Scent and feel are both big factors when it comes to the girls liking their bath products.

With Good Bubble, we hit 3 of our points straight away before even using the products” to read Rebecca’s full review of our bubbles here.

Laura @three_boys_and_mum

Laura purchased our 100% Organic Coconut Oil for her own skin and the results are incredible! After one week, Laura’s dry skin transformed and healed, and she is glowing 🌟 She now applies coconut oil as part of her daily routine. She told us “I wouldn’t go a day without using it now”.

Amy @thetriggertwins

We gifted the Trigger twins, Skye & Summer, some of our bubbles to hear their thoughts on them and it’s safe to say we have the thumbs up in the Trigger house!

"The [cloudberry] bubble bath smells soo fruity and I love a delicious smelling baby 😍 the girls had fun in all the bubbles too!” Take a read of other reviews of our Super Bubbly Bubble Bath with Cloudberry extract here.

Ezinma @whatmummyloves

Ezinma is very particular about what she puts on her childrens' skin. Before trying out new products, she looks out for natural products with no nasties.

I’m so happy with the way Good Bubble maintains my kids’ soft skin and keeps it moisturised

See her full post here.

Bizziebaby 2019 Awards

The Bizziebaby mum panel also reviewed a few of our products and it’s safe to say our products are bath time hits in their houses; with our Fragrance Free Moisturiser and Dragon Fruit Hair & Body Wash scooping gold in their 2019 awards.

Little Softy Fragrance Free Moisturiser

In addition to its easy use, this product is fantastic because it is absorbed into the skin extremely quickly. It doesn’t leave any ‘greasy’ residue

 “This cream has been very effective, my daughter suffers from slight patches of eczema and dry skin and this cream has helped soothe her skin, clear up the dry patches and stopped her itching her eczema which has almost disappeared

Read the full reviews from the awards here.

Best-selling Dragon Fruit Hair & Body Wash

My daughter’s skin felt lovely and smooth and nourished

After we had used it in the bath, and she was dry her hair and body smelt amazing still and her hair was beautifully shiny

Read the full reviews from the award here.

If you have any feedback or reviews of our products, please send them to

Written by Amy Wordsworth

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