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Packing Tips for a Holiday with Your Little Ones!

  • 18th Dec 2019
  • 5 Min Read

A lot of people that go on holiday will simply forget their toiletries. After all, why go through the hassle of bringing your own toiletries when you can just buy some when you arrive?

Unfortunately, we don’t usually have the luxury of doing that when we’re planning to go on holiday with the kids. When travelling with little ones, it’s a good idea to plan in advance on what toiletries you take because their needs may be fairly specific, and it saves you a job when you’re there, so you can just unpack and get in the holiday spirit as soon as you arrive.

Here, we’ve put together a couple of tips to help you decide what toiletries to take on holiday and the best way to pack them.

Put Together a List

To start, make sure you put a list together of all the toiletries that you need to take. Focus on the important stuff first, such as skin-sensitive creams and sunscreen. Things that aren’t easy to replace should be the first on your list. If it’s something like a razor or basic toothbrush then you can easily find replacements, but medicinal ointments and other necessities for you and your family might be harder to come by. To make it easier, you can separate your toiletries into categories such as “essential” and “would be nice”.

Avoiding Travel-Size Toiletries

If you’re travelling solo or without kids, then travel-size toiletries are often good enough. However, you’ll probably notice that they’re expensive and you might lose them or throw them away before they’re even finished.

Instead of relying on these products, just bring what you’d usually use at home. Place them in a bag or case in your luggage and you don’t need to worry about being stopped before you board the plane. For any toiletries that you plan to use on the plane itself, you can purchase travel sizes or bottle up your existing toiletries in small containers. Remember to keep them in a clear, resealable plastic bag so you can pass the security check without any hassle.

Get a Large Organised Toiletries Bag

An organised bag will ensure that you have plenty of space to bring your favourite toiletries. This is a good option if you’re travelling with kids because it means you can just bring the toiletries they’re used to. Whether it’s a bubble bath that is designed for their sensitive skin or their favourite toothbrush an organised toiletries bag will help to keep your offspring happy at bath time.

Another advantage of a large organised toiletries bag is that they’ll help prevent leakages from affecting the rest of your luggage. If the cap accidentally becomes loose or you forget to tighten the lid all the way, then the leak will be limited to the toiletry bag itself. For extra protection, you can put each toiletry item in its own bag to minimise the frustration that a leak could cause. Alternatively, you could place a small piece of tape over the cap. This adds an extra step when you finally get around to using your toiletries, but it creates a reliable seal that will prevent leaks.
Written by Amy Wordsworth

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