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The Good Bubble Guide to Baby & Toddler Hair Care

  • 13th Sep 2018
  • 10 Min Read
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When we are blessed with a new baby for the first time, learning their bathing and hair care routines can be daunting. Especially when we’re faced with a little one who has particularly sensitive skin or a flaky scalp.

At Good Bubble we are committed to developing the mildest of formulations with skin-loving ingredients and no nasties. We believe bath time to be an incredibly important part of the day for you and your child, from newborn through to school age. Bonding, settling and catching up on the day’s events before bedtime, we LOVE it! And what’s bath time without washing our little one’s hair? However, with suds near the eyes, knotty hair and cranky pre-bedtime tantrums, the idea of bath time can often sound nicer than the reality. Here, we have put together some handy hints to help you have a stress-free bath time with your little angels and suggestions for how our products can adapt to your child as they grow.


The majority of midwives advise simply washing newborns with warm water and cotton wool or a sponge for the first six weeks of life whilst their skin adjusts to the outside world, and we agree. Newborns also don’t blink as often as us as adults do, meaning it’s easier for product to enter the eye at this stage. All Good Bubble bath, shampoo and wash products have been opthalmalgoist tested and are certified tear-free meaning they won’t irritate precious, young eyes. They have also been dermatoligically tested and approved as suitable for newborns, so you can be confident our products are mild and safe for whenever you are ready to start using them.

Whilst every child is 100% individual in terms of just how much hair they enter the world with, when you do decide you would like to start to use something on your little bundle’s locks, we recommend starting with a Hair & Body Wash. This can also double up and be used all over the body too in those precious first few months. The current range of Good Bubble Hair & Body washes come in three delicious smelling variants; Dragon Fruit, Cloudberry and Prickly Pear (featuring our fav grizzly guy, the Gruffalo) All our baby bath products are gentle formulations, made with real fruit extract alongside a host of other naturally-derived ingredients and are free from nasties including sulfates, phthalates and PEG.

Cradle cap most commonly occurs in babies under 3 months, although not harmful it can become uncomfortable for little one should it become infected. Regular shampooing can help with keeping baby infection free and dry brushing can help keep flakes at bay.

Coconut oil is also widely regarded as an effective natural treatment for cradle cap. Just take a small scoop of our 100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil and massage the oil directly onto your baby's scalp, leaving for about 20 minutes. The coconut oil for babies acts as a moisturiser and helps to loosen flakes while nourishing the scalp. We use only the best possible grade of Virgin Organic coconut oil in our lovely tubs, meaning there is absolutely nothing else added and it is 100% natural.


As our little ones grow so does their hair (some faster than others of course). We would recommend that if your child has particularly curly or coarse hair that you use a shampoo and conditioner on their hair to soften and help with that dreaded post bath-time tangle taming session. We offer sulfate-free baby shampoo and silicone-free conditioners in Dragon Fruit or Cloudberry variants. Again our no tears formulations mean that the product won’t irritate the eyes of your little ones. Although we can’t promise they won’t make a fuss if water gets into their eyes!

As hair gets longer (and little ones get louder) it can become increasingly difficult to get them to sit for their hair to be combed after a bath. We would always recommend combing wet hair to make sure all those tangles are tamed before it dries into any kind of mini bird’s nest.

Our Gruffalo Grizzly Mane Detangler is an amazing addition to that pre-bedtime hair comb. Made with real Prickly Pear extract and containing tea tree oil, which helps to deter head lice, it’s great for little ones at nursery and school.  The addition of our ‘magic’ Gruffalo spray can really bring the fun, whilst leaving hair soft shiny and smelling delicious.

Explore our full Good Bubble haircare range. If you have a little one with particularly sensitive or eczema prone skin we would always recommend you carry out a patch test, with any new product. Find out how here

Written by Rachelle Waterfall

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