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Did you know that we're paediatrician approved and suitable for eczema prone skin?

  • 29th Aug 2019
  • 5 Min Read
Paediatrician Approved Eco Banner

It's almost a year since our bubbly goodness was put through its paces with rigorous clinical testing and we're prouder than ever that some of them arepaediatrician approved and officially suitable for eczema prone skin. It's something that we're so happy to be able to shout from the rooftops (well print on our packaging anyway!). 

Using naturally-derived and skin-loving ingredients, our commitment to developing the mildest of formulations for young skin, has brought us fantastic results for some little ones with sensitive and eczema-prone skin over the past 5 years. Whilst our products are super mild, we do always recommend that you carry out a patch test.

We are all about being kind to the skin and as kind to our wonderful planet as we can be (just take at look at our new eco-friendly Baby Range

We're also committed to being accessible to as many families as possible and we're now proud to be listed in a broad range of retailers such as Boots, Ocado, Holland & Barrett & Chemist Direct as well as amazing independents, like our friends at local retailers Village Greens.

If you're an independent retailer and would like to get our bubbles of goodness on your shelves, drop us a line.

It makes us so happy to hear when we’ve soothed someone’s sensitive skin and we'd love to hear from you if you have a story to tell about how our products have helped you or a family member. Contact us at

Written by Amy Wordsworth

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